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Thoughts of Thanksgiving…

I am hoping that one day, estranged families will reconcile and find steady footing before life says "it's too late". In the midst of all of the grieving and despair, I am hoping we will ultimately celebrate change, growth and victory, but until then, I will maintain a grateful and hopeful heart in anticipation of true healing.

From Purpose to Impact in Living Color

I believe in purpose; I believe we are all here for a reason. The consistencies (and inconsistencies also) reflected in my life clearly frame and define that purpose, my story, MY impact on MY world. Everyone in THE world doesn’t know my name but everyone in MY world does.

Twelve Years A Slave…

The entire time I have lived in Georgia, I have been in an alternating state of pandemonium and self-discovery and now, finally, I am able to look back and truly face all of my “shit”, and it ain’t pretty folks, but I am at peace not just because I made it through, but because I "grew" through it.

Happy is An Action Word

...happy is an action word; it is a constant state of being, an energy we must feed into at all times. It isn't something you put on every day after a shower, it isn't brought on by an individual, it is something that radiates from within...

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